Time Best Spent

Creating Art Isn’t Just Time Well Spent, It’s Time BEST Spent —

Something I’ve noticed about “taking time” to create photo-art … more often than not, it ends up making that time even more VALUABLE.

Taking a photo and turning it into art, or exploring some of your thoughts and ideas in your journal — somehow invests that time in your life with greater meaning, greater importance.

Given more attention and emotion, it also drives it deeper into our memory. Creating art from our lives makes those moments COUNT … when all too often we might otherwise breeze right through it all on our way to something else.

This is one of the reasons I think it important to carry a camera everywhere. (Or at least your iPhone camera.) And while I don’t believe in obsessively taking photo after photo after photo after photo, when you should be taking a minute to BE THERE … I do believe in being obsessive in your desire to experience and then capture the best moments in your life.

And I believe our lives are filled with best moments. If only we wake up to them.

Once awake, we should be looking for a great photo that can capture it all for us … something from which we can then create ART, making it all the more permanent, all the more transcendent.

And the time you spend creating that art makes your best captured moments shine … because rather than letting the people and places and happenings of your life pass and fade, you are investing them with thought and care.

You come to cherish them — because you made them important enough to lace with magic.

– Sebastian


“How do I become a better photo artist?”
“Create art.”
“Yeah, but how do I get better?”
“Stop overthinking it. Just do it.”
“Do what?”
“Create art.”
“But then what?”
“Create more art.”
“That’s all there is to it?”
“Well … keep learning, obviously.”
“That’s it.”
“That’s it?”
“Keep learning. Keep creating.”
“Yeah, but …”
“And have some FUN with it. Whoever has the most fun, wins.”

It really is that simple.