The Doris Seybold Interview

— Leading off the official third year of Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, the featured “AWAKE” artist of our March 2017 edition (No. 25) was Doris Seybold (of Austria — and you can actually see her home town in the image above). I think you’ll enjoy my interview with her, as well as her amazing art . . .


Q. When did you first begin working in digital art?

I have been creating digital art since 2011. It all began when I needed a flyer for a project for my job, but the colleague who normally did all the design work had no time or was not there. So I decided to try to do one myself using the Word format. It turned out to be so much fun that I decided to learn more about doing design and purchased Photoshop. It was from that point on that my journey began, and my nights started turning into days creating art.

Q. What do you find most fascinating about this artistic life?

To me, making art is the most beautiful work in the world. It is not determined by others but self-determined. I decide what I do, how I make it, when I do it. To bring together content that normally seems otherwise incompatible — and to communicate something new from that through images — gives me a feeling of freedom.

Good art can give you a different look at life. When an artist opens your eyes to something you have not seen before, to me it’s the same as what you would experience with literature and music. And for me these are outstanding moments.

Until I began taking the Photoshop Artistry course with Sebastian Michaels, I wasn’t sure how to proceed with my skills as a digital artist. Taking that course taught me new techniques, including how to analyze an image and how to “build” a picture. But perhaps more important, I have met so many people with fantastic artistic skills who have become an inspiration to me.

Q. When you sit down to work, how do you usually get started?

Whenever I get a rough idea in my mind I sit down and start playing around with images. I never have a detailed concept in the beginning – I just let it flow and see where it leads me. And most of the time I consider this lack of concept as an advantage, because during the process of creating a piece of digital art I am open to new ideas. My work tells me where to go instead of the other way around.

Q. What most inspires you to create your pieces of art?

My creative impetus comes from my great curiosity with the world: my experience with its history as well as what is happening in the present.

To be able to make a beautiful composition with vivid colors on a canvas is a wonderful way to express your feelings.

Above all, what I am most interested in is my capacity to express complex facts easily and understandably in a picture. I still have a long way to go — but the journey is the reward.


Doris Seybold’s exciting work can be viewed on our portfolio site at Enjoy!