Over 20K Raised for Wildlife Rescue!

— We did it! We actually broke just past $20,000 to go toward helping wildlife rescue!

Let me just say thank you (again and again thank you) to everyone who helped out by grabbing the photography training bundle this year — which is going to enable a number of wildlife animal rescues do a LOT of good.

And right now, with all the fires still raging in California, they need all the help they can get.

My whole life I have had a profound love for animals, and being able to help out so many injured and orphaned animals in need (and to such an extent) is just incredible. Truly incredible. And humbling, just to be part of it.

But it was YOU who made it possible.

I’m looking at several different California-based wildlife rescues to help, but the main one will probably be Wildlife Rescue of Sonoma County: https://www.scwildliferescue.org

And we are also actively helping Appalachian Wild get their new facility up and running in an area much in need of one: http://www.appalachianwild.org/

But once more, truly, we couldn’t do any this without the help you’ve been.

So thank you again to everyone who participated this year!

– Sebastian

PS: The image on this post is by AWAKE artist Nicole Wilde, a great advocate of helping rescues herself. The earlier fox image I posted on Facebook conveyed the distress of these imperiled animals I think; but this one conveys the hope we are bringing to the ones we can save.