New Comprehensive Training Site – Now Live!

— If you are a student of any of my courses (or any of those I publish), you’re in for something quite nice starting this weekend.

At last, ALL of the photo artistry courses you own are available under ONE unified log-in and password.

Combined with the brand new video formatting (which will eliminate Adobe Flash from the equation entirely), and the various improvements and creative ways in how the courses will be tied together, and just how gorgeous the new site is — this unification of all 15 training sites should make your entire creative learning experience more exciting than ever.

You’ll now have access to all of the courses you own in one convenient place:

– Photoshop Artistry (Fine Art Grunge Composition)
– Creative Black and White Photo Artistry
– 21 Days to Creative Abundance
– Selections, Channels, and Masks
– Non-Destructive Photo Editing w/ Smart Objects
– The Brush Workshop
– iPhone Photo Artistry
– Artistic Self-Portraiture
– Mobile Art Mastery
– Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry
– CoLab Artistry
– The iPhoneography Expansions
– AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life (re-opens Jan 1st)
– The KAIZEN Group (private access)
– Quill & Camera (Brand New and Commencing Soon!)

Our team has worked for months to get all of these set up on the new platform, all the videos converted and transferred over, every link assigned, every image re-uploaded, every download confirmed, and everything integrated and tested …

This weekend we migrated everyone over and sent out the login emails, giving you access to the new site.

As you can imagine, this has been a huge undertaking.

But the end results are pretty darn awesome.

Video Preview (with Tips on the New Platform)!

Now go have a look for yourself — you’ll find the new training site here:

Everything just got even more exciting around here!

– Sebastian

PS: Look for your email inviting you to log into the new site. You should have it by now. If you’re enrolled in any of these courses but haven’t seen it yet, be sure to email us at and we’ll get you squared away!


The image featured on this post is by AWAKE artist Viv Buckley. Don’t miss her gorgeous ArtBoja portfolio at: