Sebastian Michaels and Sebastian Michaels (and Two Cats)

Sebastian Michaels once shot weddings and created artistic portraits by private commission … But after a move to the other side of the country, he took up writing for quite some time instead … and then, with yet another move (this time to the mountains), he came back around to photo artistry in 2013, when he founded Photoshop Artistry: Fine Art Grunge.

Photoshop Artistry rapidly took the digital art scene by storm and grew to include students in 93 countries around the world, with well over 16,000 photographers and photo artists currently enrolled.

In 2015 Sebastian launched his advanced group, AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life, and began publishing a monthly magazine featuring their artwork at http://ThePhotoArtisticLife.com while promoting their portfolios and helping them sell their work at http://ArtBoja.com

In 2016 Sebastian released Creative Black & White Photo Artistry, which rapidly attracted over 5,000 more students, as well as his enormously popular 21 Days To Creative Abundance . . .

Apart from these courses of his own, Sebastian also publishes courses by Photoshop Hall of Fame instructor Dave Cross, acclaimed artists and authors Bob Weil, Susan Tuttle, and Nicki Fitz-Gerald, as well as digital designer Amanda Rockwell and celebrated painting instructor Alena Hennessey.

On a personal note . . . Sebastian lives in the mountains of western North Carolina (near the Appalachian Trail and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park), is mostly obsessed with creative photography (shooting predominantly digital with a Leica M10 and film with a Leica MP), as well as with classic literature, professional chess, and his cats. Beyond these, his obsessions would include Rachmaninoff, Edward DeVere 17th Earl of Oxford, and Calvin and Hobbes. He also listens to an inordinate amount of Radiohead.
(It’s a good life.)